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The Fairbeats Team


Catherine Carter

Director of Research and Development

Helen Hendry

General Manager


Jennifer Raven

CEO and Co-founder


Suzy Herbert



Daniel Miles

Young Ambassadors Artist


Holly Khan

Love to Learn and AFRIL Music Leader

Damilola Rowe

Future Leaders Assistant Leader


Jenetta Hurst 

Fife Leader, AFRIL


Kaia McTernan

Music Relationship Co-ordinator

Liz Ikamba

Future Leaders Artist


Awate Suleiman

Future Leaders Artist


Aidan Maier

Ukulele Leader, AFRIL




Carolyn Ehman

Interim Chair of Trustees

Business Development Manager at The Albany

Carolyn is a arts management professional with a background in music and a focus on organisational resilience in practice. She is a firm advocate of community arts, having been involved in volunteer and trustee roles with a number of charities over the past decade. She  joined the Fairbeats board in 2018.


Nigel Tyler


IT Manager


Nigel has an undergraduate degree in Economics, he is an IT Manager for a financial services firm where manages teams and projects in Europe, North America and India. In his spare time, he teaches Jiu Jitsu and has earned a blackbelt.


Esther Trewinnard


Senior Media Officer at Tearfund


Esther works as a PR and Communications specialist in the humanitarian aid sector and has an interest in Community Music. Esther ran a local Thula Mama harmony singing group for new parents and carers in south-east London for many years and first came across Fairbeats when studying for an MA in Music and Development at SOAS. Born in the UK, Esther lived in Sardinia as a child, and later lived and worked in Tanzania and Peru.


Irene Ogunseitan


Assistant Principal at an alternative provision academy


Irene joined the board in 2014. She is an assistant principal at an alternative provision academy which caters for young people who do not attend mainstream school due to circumstances such as school exclusion and school refusal. She has a master’s degree in Education Policy and is passionate about supporting young people to overcome barriers to learning and well-being. Born in Lewisham, she spent her early childhood in Nigeria and is a committed advocate for the numerous immigrant diasporas that contribute to the cultural dynamism of the UK.


Corinne Bass


Senior Partnerships Manager at A New Direction


Corinne is Senior Partnerships Manager at A New Direction, a non-profit organisation aiming to enable all young Londoners to develop their creativity and play an active part in the cultural life of the city. She’s passionate about creative learning, lives in Lewisham, south London, and is an occasional but enthusiastic open water swimmer.

Dorothy Hoskins


Senior Project Manager at Create

Dorothy is a Senior Project Manager at Create, the UK's leading charity empowering lives, reducing isolation and enhancing wellbeing through the creative arts. She has previously worked for a number of music education charities, is a Co-Director of Anthem Music CIC, and also work as a freelance soprano in a handful of London's professional church choirs.

Segun pic.jpg

Segun Lee-French


Head of Cultural Enrichment at Islington Council


Segun is the Head of Cultural Enrichment at Islington Council. Prior to this, for 3 years, he ran the Exodus arts programme for refugees and asylum seekers at Community Arts North West in Manchester.

Headshot AD.jpg

Alison Dancer


Assistant Event Producer, BBC Proms and Radio 3 Live Events Team


Alison works in event production in the BBC Proms and Radio 3 Live Events team, and has previously worked on music education projects for the BBC. She currently mentors with Arts Emergency and BBC Open Music, and in her spare time she enjoys playing cello in Fulham Symphony Orchestra.

AMPH profile photo.jpg

Anne-Marie Philip-Howell 




Anne-Marie is a former diplomat and senior strategic communications executive. She has over 15 years experience in international affairs, political comms and climate change negotiations. She has led political operations across nearly 20 major global summits and acted in chief of staff roles. Most recently she has worked as a director at C40 Cities, the leading global convenor of city-level governments focused on shared urban and climate issues. 


Anne-Marie now has a number of private and not-for-profit clients, where she helps provide senior leadership and strategic comms support.


Away from the office, Anne-Marie has a background that includes youth work and is active in her community. She is passionate about diversity, inclusion and equity issues and particularly about opening doors to music, culture and heritage. She is also an experienced school governor, with over ten years overseeing London schools.

Angie Screenshot_20230718-181640_Gallery.jpg

Angie Anuforo


Founder and Manager of Angie's Keep Calm and Sing group; Promoting BETTER BREATHING.


Angie's organisation helps people correct and/ or improve how they breathe through the FUN of singing; more so the preparation to sing. Many people aren't breathing correctly and it's making many health issues worse. As a wellness organisation, her role on the Fairbeats board is to bring a holistic point of view to the table.

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